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Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that your business needs. However, a correct implementation and configuration is essential in order to get the most out of it. For this reason, offers you a team of experts certified in Google Analytics that will implement your account in your business.

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    • Configuration of Google Analytics and installation of the tracking code. Objectives, filters, channels, grouping of contents, link with other Google tools…
    • Implementation of the alert system in Google Analytics. We will create alerts based on KPIs and important metrics to inform you of everything that happens on your website and thus make the most accurate decisions.
    • Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation. If you want to progress in the analysis of your sales and products, you must implement this new Google Analytics plugin. Thanks to it, you will be able to collect information from your lists of products, categories and other important data.
    • Crossdomain. You need to cross-domain data. Because if a person goes from Google to ‘’ and then goes to ‘’, ‘buy’, you will have a referential visit in ‘’ that he bought and a visit from Google in ‘’ that he left.
    • Crossdevices. We keep track of the users who visit your website so you know what the purchase process is. For example, in this way, you can know how many users visited us by mobile, then bought us through PC. It’s about gathering data to make the best decisions and grow your business.
    • Event tracking. We implemented Google Tag Manager, a platform used to count the clicks that have been made on each button, the form submissions or the PDF downloads. It is a tool that is designed to analyze traffic and optimize marketing campaigns.
    • Import and export sales data. We integrate Google Analytics into your online store to manage your sales and optimize your business. Also, if you need to have Google Analytics data on another platform, we can also export them in an automated way so you can have the information where you want.

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