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agencia shopify partners españa

Shopify Partners

We are Shopify Partners Agency in Spain, Shopify Plus experts.

Our purpose is to achieve the PLUS that ecommerce businesses need to reach their maximum level of efficiency and development.

Shopify is an ecommerce platform ready to multiply the management of your sales, magnify the user experience in your online shop and reinforce the security of your customers.

And we are the partner you need if you are ready to grow on a larger scale and without limitations.

transformacion digital de la empresa

Be more competitive with Shopify and Shopify Plus

You take your brand to the next level of efficiency in the online channel.

  • You eliminate the complexity of internationalising products.
  • You have access to an intuitive, secure and fast tool.
  • Constant development of functionalities and updates to open new sales channels.
  • Flexible for customisation as an open source platform.
  • With exclusive sales options (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Klaviyo).
  • Full integration with other platforms (Amazon, Ebay…) and any ERP, CRMM, WMS and other third party platforms.
  • Designed for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for managing large sales volumes (more than 10,000 purchases/minute).
  • Save the time you need to run your business, you get more security and you have the control to decide where you want to direct your business.

More online sales options for your business

Our experience with national and international businesses, and within sectors such as fashion, footwear or food, has led us to design a very operational model with which to achieve the best results.

We detect all your online sales opportunities and prepare your ecommerce to turn it into an infallible sales machine.

agencia partner shopify plus
agencia experta en shopify plus

Shopify Partners

We are a Shopify Partner Agency, Shopify Plus Experts.

We bring to the Shopify Community over 18 years of experience in digital transformation, ecommerce and sales.

We chose Shopify and Shopify Plus because it is an ecommerce platform that allows our clients to do everything and because it brings very clear benefits:

  • It avoids you to have a person developing a la carte solutions that will leave you exposed to changes and without sufficient knowledge to solve the problems that may arise.
  • It offers constant updates and developments that give you access to more ways to sell your products and more opportunities to develop your business.
  • It prevents you from having to take urgent, extreme or sui generis measures that force you to outsource actions, hire staff with very specific knowledge or be permanently busy thinking about solutions for your business that you will only be able to test in real life in your own business.
  • It offers enough resources so that you can think about expanding your business, opening more sales channels or reinforcing your investment and efforts in what really gives you benefits.
  • It allows you to focus on your work.
  • All the solutions it implements have been previously tested by the community.

Shopify Plus Experts. 10 years, more that 200 proyects.

With Shopify Plus and you enter a digital transformation process that will allow you to be more competitive in this new consumer environment.

The clients with whom we have developed ecommerce projects on Shopify are people who are used to being fast, very decisive, and use a lot of technology in their businesses.

Because of this, they quickly grasp the value of the sales strategies we develop for them.

We’ve been working with Shopify and Shopify Plus for nearly 10 years, with over 200 ecommerce sites on this technology for all kinds of industries.

What we offer you is real expertise in online sales.

Novedades Shopify

We dispel all your doubts

Shopify Partners Spain

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Highlights with Shopify in 2022

In Spain:

  • Top selling cities where shoppers made purchases: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza and Valencia.
  • Main product categories: clothing and accessories, health and beauty, home and garden.
  • Average shopping cart price: 77.37 euros, a growth of 5.73 euros (+7.9%) compared to last year (71.64 euros).
  • Sales channel: 72% from mobile devices and 32% from computers.
    Cross-border orders in Spain reached 30%.
  • 83% growth in point-of-sale sales made by Shopify merchants in Spain.


  • $7.5 billion: total global sales made by Shopify merchants, a growth of 19% (21% at constant exchange rates) over last year.
  • 52 million consumers who made a purchase at Shopify merchants.
  • 12p.m. Black Friday EST: prime time for sales.
  • Top-selling countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada.
  • Top-selling cities: London, New York and Los Angeles.
  • 97.92 euros average cart price, up from 95.27 euros in 2021.
  • Clothing and accessories: still the most demanded product category.
  • More than 56,000 tonnes of carbon emissions offset**.
  • 15% share of cross-border orders.

Shopify online shops

Online shops on Shopify Plus

Mr. Blue

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The Amisy Company

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Go Primal

Ver web

Want to know more?

agencia partner shopify
The Amity Company comas vilagines
The Amity Company comas vilagines
Saber que siempre puedes contar con el soporte de Juanjo Guillén aporta mucha confianza y seguridad. Resolutivo, rápido y eficiente en todas las consultas y tareas requeridas. Totalmente recomendable.
Juan Carlos Artero
Juan Carlos Artero
Grandes profesionales, cercanos y muy resolutivos, excelentes colaboradores para el desarrollo comercial siempre con una muy buena estrategia de negocio y una visión muy acertada. Muy recomendables !
Cristina Sanz
Cristina Sanz
Estamos muy contentos con su trabajo, les planteamos un gran reto y no solo han superado nuestras expectativas sino que lo han hecho en tiempo record. Trabajar con ellos es un gusto, son resolutivos, eficaces y rápidos, muy recomendable.
Jose Vicente Salva Signes
Jose Vicente Salva Signes
Estamos muy satisfechos con el trabajo realizado se implican para dar el máximo y eso siempre es de agradecer. Gracias María, Sara, Nuria y Ana 🙂
Trabajo comprometido y profesional. Un gran equipo en todos los aspectos, los resultados del proyecto que hemos desarrollado con ellos han superado totalmente nuestras expectativas.
Tresdedos Infográfica
Tresdedos Infográfica
Esperamos seguir colaborando con 3dids muchos más años, como así ha sido desde los inicios de ambas empresas ;-), un equipo muy preparado y buena gente, gracias!!
Encarni Pérez
Encarni Pérez
Magníficos profesionales. Aportan un gran valor a los proyectos en los que colaboran.

Frequently asked questions

Shopify is the best ecommerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses as well as large retailers.

The reasons to choose it to start or migrate an ecommerce are:

  • Its ease of use, the customisation options, the possibility to register or import products in an unlimited way
  • Constant updates and developments offered to merchants.
  • Easy internationalisation in a multitude of languages in more than 170 countries.
  • The philosophy of the platform, completely focused on exploiting all channels and sales options for any type of business on the internet.

Generally, the switch should be based on the level of turnover of the business in the online channel.

From around EUR 1 million upwards, it is advisable to switch to the plus version as it is specifically designed for fast-growing, large online businesses.

Shopify has three official plans: Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify.

On the other hand, there is Shopify Plus: a superior plan, which is not an independent platform, but a superior modality designed for high volume brands that are in a process of growth that they want to face with guarantees of success, but without having to increase their efforts and resources.

The difference is that Shopify Plus provides additional features that are NOT available on Shopify and also offers 24/7 customer support.

For large companies (500 or more employees), implementation in the cloud. Its functionalities are: API, mobile access, alerts and notifications, sales evolution analysis, customer database, CRM, shopping cart, cataloguing, product catalogue, mobile commerce, customisable branding, customer accounts, real-time data, equipment, sales reporting, SEO management, campaign management, management of: channels, customers, e-commerce, content, product data, discounts, invoices, revenue, inventories, models, opinions, orders, promotions, purchase orders and multichannel.

Shopify Partners is a group of Shopify programme members chosen by the platform specifically from among entrepreneurs and freelancers who know the platform inside out and work with Shopify-based online shop owners to provide them with content, recommendations and evolve their e-commerce businesses through digital services based on the benefits of using Shopify.

We have an expert department in the optimisation of ecommerce in Shopify for positioning in Google for various languages and countries. Global SEO positioning for the online shop, products, categories that have an impact abroad.

Shopify Audience is an exclusive Shopify Plus tool through which you can set up audiences and increase the likelihood of conversion, reducing advertising spend, using Machine Learning. With this tool you can set up a perfect, highly qualified buyer persona or customer to target with highly optimised advertising campaigns.

This is one of the strategic partnerships that have made the ecommerce platform so popular. Users will be able to buy products they see on YouTube, without having to leave the streaming video platform. To get the most out of it, Shopify shops should implement their products on the channels of opinion generators, experts or influencers who recommend products within the same sector or business segment. The tool also has specific tracking features, and stock, descriptions, prices and shipping data are updated automatically.

An option only available for Shopify Plus. For wholesale businesses (wholesalers), Shopify offers the possibility to easily manage, in the same management panel of a retail shop, all the functions to run a B2B business: launching several websites with the same back-end, 24/7 performance, dedicated storefronts, 20 sales channels, customised pricing, up to 8,000 orders per minute, payment options, etc. Brands such as Adidas, Motorola or Tesla use Shopify B2B.

Shopify has partnered with Microsoft to process online payments from Business Central. This connection dramatically improves the shopping experience for users, is easy to use and offers end-to-end business management across finance, sales, service and operations modules – all within the same application. Support includes support for multiple shops, bi-directional synchronisation of items, customers and inventory, and importing orders from Shopify.

Specifically for omnichannel sales that enhances the convenient shopping experience, both online and in-store. Shopify POS offers a fully unified dashboard, a customisable and efficient point of sale application, plus fully integrated hardware that accepts the most popular payment methods with low processing fees and fast payments. Features include: in-store pickup, sell in-store and ship to home, online shopping and in-store returns, local delivery, QR coding of products or shipping to a «buy online» cart.

In both options you will be able to edit the checkout design, however, in the Plus version you have more customisation thanks to Shopify Scripts. This allows you to add promotions and discounts to the checkout page itself.

Just go to products, access the one you want to change, modify the details, image, etc. and click on save. It is a matter of seconds.