shopify plus partners

Software engineers for front-end e-commerce development with Shopify.

Shopify Developers for the creation of apps and themes that make ecommerce based on Shopify and Shopify Plus technology more competitive.

Shopify Developers

  1. Store Creation and Customization: Creation of online stores from scratch and adjustments to existing stores. Theme customization, look and feel design, user experience and brand identity.

  2. Functionality Development: Creation of custom functions that go beyond the platform’s default features: integration of specific applications and add-ons to meet the unique needs of any business.

  3. Performance Optimization: Efficiency and speed guaranteed by our Shopify developer: Optimization of loading time, database management and technical troubleshooting to improve user experience.

  4. Third Party Integrations: Integration with inventory management systems, payment systems, shipping solutions and other business tools to create a consistent workflow.

  5. Maintenance and Updates: Keeping the store updated with the latest software versions, security patches and updates of the Shopify platform with the coordination of the Shopify Dev department of

  6. Security: Security standards, implementation of measures to protect customer information to ensure secure transactions.

  7. Training and Support: Training for store owners on how to manage their platform and resolve technical issues that may arise.

  8. Technical Troubleshooting: Diagnosis and resolution of technical problems that may affect the operation of the store, such as code errors, loading problems and more.

  9. Migration: Moving data from any platform to Shopify.

Developers Shopify

we offer consulting services called “
Expert Shopify
“. This is an essential meeting point to understand the current state of your business, analyze your competitors’ activity and explore the growth opportunities that Shopify offers you.

We are recognized as an Expert and Exclusive Partner of both Shopify and Shopify Plus. Our choice as exclusive partners is based on our outstanding track record in executing high-end projects, particularly those related to Shopify Plus. In addition, we have extensive experience spanning nearly two decades in the field of digital business consulting, both nationally and internationally.

Today, as an integral part of this program, we are in a stronger position than ever to guide our clients from the initial “hello world” stage to building global business empires.

The opportunity to be part of the Shopify Plus Partners program validates our commitment and expertise in developing high quality projects. We are excited to continue to offer expert advice and innovative solutions that not only drive business growth, but also make businesses thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce.

From’s perspective, this program represents a step forward in our mission to empower Shopify merchants and entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve global success and the development of Shopify Plus online stores that guarantee the maximum degree of prosperity.

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The Amity Company comas vilagines
The Amity Company comas vilagines
Saber que siempre puedes contar con el soporte de Juanjo Guillén aporta mucha confianza y seguridad. Resolutivo, rápido y eficiente en todas las consultas y tareas requeridas. Totalmente recomendable.
Juan Carlos Artero
Juan Carlos Artero
Grandes profesionales, cercanos y muy resolutivos, excelentes colaboradores para el desarrollo comercial siempre con una muy buena estrategia de negocio y una visión muy acertada. Muy recomendables !
Cristina Sanz
Cristina Sanz
Estamos muy contentos con su trabajo, les planteamos un gran reto y no solo han superado nuestras expectativas sino que lo han hecho en tiempo record. Trabajar con ellos es un gusto, son resolutivos, eficaces y rápidos, muy recomendable.
Jose Vicente Salva Signes
Jose Vicente Salva Signes
Estamos muy satisfechos con el trabajo realizado se implican para dar el máximo y eso siempre es de agradecer. Gracias María, Sara, Nuria y Ana 🙂
Trabajo comprometido y profesional. Un gran equipo en todos los aspectos, los resultados del proyecto que hemos desarrollado con ellos han superado totalmente nuestras expectativas.
Tresdedos Infográfica
Tresdedos Infográfica
Esperamos seguir colaborando con 3dids muchos más años, como así ha sido desde los inicios de ambas empresas ;-), un equipo muy preparado y buena gente, gracias!!
Encarni Pérez
Encarni Pérez
Magníficos profesionales. Aportan un gran valor a los proyectos en los que colaboran.