consultor shopify

Shopify Consultant

Andrés de España Serrano (Shopify Plus Expert), Shopify consultant expert in digital transformation with extensive experience in the design and implementation of e-commerce strategies on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platform and CEO of

Are you looking for an e-commerce platform to help you sell more and grow your business?

Shopify Plus is already the right choice for both startup businesses and large enterprise projects.

At we have a solid track record in the creation and development of online stores with Shopify and Shopify Plus since its inception, which has given us the opportunity to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience in the benefits and implementation for e-commerce companies.

As Shopify consultants and
Shopify Developers
we can help you with the boost you want for your business.

Does this happen to you?

The person who set up my store has left, and my technology specialist has also retired.

The server presents problems, and no one takes responsibility, especially at crucial moments.

I come across numerous shopping carts, but the situation is an enigma.

Every idea I conceive requires investment, and is in the hands of third parties whose disciplines are foreign to me, such as technology, marketing and SEO.

My focus is exclusively on my business; I don’t want to get involved in technology issues.

Do you need this?

I want a single platform that gives me the ability to carry out all my actions.

I crave immunity from the fluctuations of Google and Facebook.

I aim to offer every customer who enters any of my stores a consistent shopping experience.

I prefer to stay away from the need to interact with technology experts.

I would like to expand my sales to other countries where I know I can compete efficiently.

If I decide to invest in influencers, I want to be sure of their profitability.

I am looking to automate as many tasks as possible.

What do you gain with Shopify?

Ease of control and management.

It never experiences crashes.

It offers the world’s most efficient checkout, with up to 36% increase in conversions compared to other platforms.

It receives a constant boost from thousands of developers.

It continuously introduces new functions, all thoroughly tested and always operational.

You don’t have to worry about upgrades or rely on technology experts.

Security is no longer a concern.

You can focus 100% on your business without having to deal with constant problems.

consultor shopify

Shopify Plus Consultant

Andrés de España Serrano

Andrés is an expert in e-commerce and has extensive experience in the national and international market.

Shopify consultancies have been set up to help entrepreneurs to solve doubts and take action in running their online business. From the initial store configuration to the optimization of the customer experience, Andres analyzes each particular case from a different strategic perspective.

A practical approach that will allow you to take full advantage of Shopify’s tools and features to boost your business in a safe and successful way.

No matter if you are a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned businessman, Andres’ Shopify consulting from Spain will clear up any doubts regarding your work dynamics, goals and solutions.

Shopify shares

Shopify Conferences

Presentation by Andrés de España at the Marla Center in Murcia, together with B2B expert companies such as Upango talking about Shopify Plus as a perfect tool to boost B2B e-commerce. The talk speaks from Andres’ 17 years of experience managing businesses, of all types and sizes, in the digital ecosystem for professional to professional markets.

A talk especially interesting for businesses that use platforms like Prestashop, Woocomerce or Magento because they will find the comparison and improvement offered by Shopify and Shopify Plus.

1- Why 3dids was born.

2- What do our customers tell us?

3- What do our customers want?

4- What does SHopify offer to our customers?

5- How and when to get started with Shopify Plus?

6- Questions from professionals.

Andrés de España’s speech at MOMAD 2023 (Madrid) as’s digital business consultant and Shopify and Shopify Plus partner, explaining the advantages of using Shopify as an ecommerce platform.

1- Why are we here?

2- What do our customers tell us?

3- What do our customers want?

4- What does Shopify offer?

5- How to get started with Shopify Plus?

First event exclusively for partners.

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The Amity Company comas vilagines
The Amity Company comas vilagines
Saber que siempre puedes contar con el soporte de Juanjo Guillén aporta mucha confianza y seguridad. Resolutivo, rápido y eficiente en todas las consultas y tareas requeridas. Totalmente recomendable.
Juan Carlos Artero
Juan Carlos Artero
Grandes profesionales, cercanos y muy resolutivos, excelentes colaboradores para el desarrollo comercial siempre con una muy buena estrategia de negocio y una visión muy acertada. Muy recomendables !
Cristina Sanz
Cristina Sanz
Estamos muy contentos con su trabajo, les planteamos un gran reto y no solo han superado nuestras expectativas sino que lo han hecho en tiempo record. Trabajar con ellos es un gusto, son resolutivos, eficaces y rápidos, muy recomendable.
Jose Vicente Salva Signes
Jose Vicente Salva Signes
Estamos muy satisfechos con el trabajo realizado se implican para dar el máximo y eso siempre es de agradecer. Gracias María, Sara, Nuria y Ana 🙂
Trabajo comprometido y profesional. Un gran equipo en todos los aspectos, los resultados del proyecto que hemos desarrollado con ellos han superado totalmente nuestras expectativas.
Tresdedos Infográfica
Tresdedos Infográfica
Esperamos seguir colaborando con 3dids muchos más años, como así ha sido desde los inicios de ambas empresas ;-), un equipo muy preparado y buena gente, gracias!!
Encarni Pérez
Encarni Pérez
Magníficos profesionales. Aportan un gran valor a los proyectos en los que colaboran.